10+ Worst Selfie Fails Of People Who Forgot To Check The Background

Doggy Style

Always, always, always check the background before posting! It can spare you a lot of odd conversations you probably never want to have in the first place. This girl probably learned the hard way when her… ahem… massager… ended up on all her friends’ timelines. Kinda makes you wonder what activity she was doing just before snapping this selfie.

You’re Doing this Motherhood Thing Wrong!

You can almost see the sense of disappointment in this kid’s face and you gotta wonder how whoever she sent this to felt about getting a sexy selfie with a disenchanted kid as the focal point. I mean, I get it, when you have five or six kids you gotta get it in where you can, but she should have definitely checked the background, or peripheral, before sending this one.


When Selfies Get Painful

What a great day at the ballpark! The sun’s out, the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, and you’re feeling yourself so you pull out your phone to get a quick selfie when… BAM! That’s a home run! This is the rare image right before disaster strikes and that disaster came in the form of the Ol’ horse hide for this ball fan.


Love In The Air

The first rule of being a good photographer is to always make sure that you’re not in the photo, but we’ll cut this kid some slack based on his age. He’s gotta be just getting started right? He’ll learn. And how nice of him to make his parents his first subjects. The perfect portrait of love in the middle American trailer park. This kid will become a renowned photographer in no time.


An Autumn Dog Doo Selfie

There’s nothing more relaxing than lying down in a pile of leaves in the autumn of the year. You always wanna check those piles before laying down though. Don’t be like this lady. Don’t find out that you laid your head inches from dog poo in the comments. I mean, at least she got to enjoy her relaxing fall activity at the time without worrying, right?


May As Well Own Up To It

Sometimes when you’re caught, you just gotta admit it, right? This lady seems to have the same table centerpiece as several others on this list and when Nick calls her out on it, she just laughs it off. What else do you do? On a style note, always be sure to check those glass reflections in your selfies, ladies. Or at least be like Sarah and embrace the moment.


What’s Going On In This Mirror!?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to take a selfie and someone conveniently manages to get a reflection of themselves pinching their nipples and making demonic faces in the photo? That’s never happened to you? Yeah, me neither. But apparently this girl has. Maybe she needs to make better friends? Or get an exorcism for her house?

Sexy Selfie With Grandma

You gotta love and respect your elders, right? This girl takes it to a whole other level with her sexy selfie and granny just carries on reading the daily newspaper. Or maybe she’s using the paper to cover her face so she doesn’t have to end up as another background in a selfie. Granny’s smart. She’s been keeping up with those selfie fails. Granny ain’t gonna be a part in something like that.

Two Types Of Girls In One Selfie

Some girls like getting dressed up and hitting the town on a Saturday night, others just like staying in with a corn dog. This selfie captures the essence of those two types of ladies perfectly. Sure, the friend up front seems cool, but we can guarantee the girl in the back will have a much better time at night with her corndog. Be yourselves ladies. If you’re getting dressed up, get dressed up. If you’re enjoying a corn dog, enjoy it. Just don’t forget to check the background!


Faucet Drinking Photo Bomb

We’ll give it to you, parenting can be hard. Parenting while trying to keep your social media in a steady supply of selfies is next level difficult. That’s why we’re not gonna come down too hard on this mom. She’s just proud of being dressed and looking good. Who are we to take that away from her? That kid drinking water straight from the faucet though needs to be taught a thing or two about germs.



















Help Mama Look Sexy!

Yeah, we cut some slack for the last mom but this one gets none of that. Like we’ve said already, we know being a mom is hard, but come on. Maybe this kid will grow up to be a world renowned photographer too though? Maybe mama’s just giving them something to photograph? We can only hope. By the looks of things though, if she follows her mom’s footsteps she may have another line of work all together.


Can Someone Tell James To Get Out Of The Shower!?


Put Some Pants On First

It’s Saturday night, you’re home alone, you’re feeling yourself but no one’s around to check out your look. You figure you’ll take a selfie so everyone can know what they are missing out on. But just make sure you’re wearing all your clothes first. The missing pair of paints can certainly make the selfie take on a whole different vibe, but that might not be what you’re going for. Especially once the Internet gets a look at this, there’s no turning back.

What Is That Dog Doing On that Baby’s Head!?

By now we should all know how trying to get that cute selfie with the pet is gonna turn out. Add babies to the mix and the ante is upped to a new level. See, babies, like pets, don’t care about your selfies either. This one can’t really be blamed on the kid though. When a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go. He could have really picked a better place than the kids head, but we’ll say it one more time, pets don’t give a poop about your selfies!


Don’t Forget to Check the…Foreground?


Real Quick Selfie Before Saving My Kid

We can assume this was supposed to be one of those cute mom/kid bathtub selfies but somewhere along the lines, we’re guessing that when the kid slipped and busted their butt on the tub bottom, something went horribly wrong. We’ll give it to the mom, at least she’s trying to capture these beautiful moments in a photo. Too bad she got the reality instead of the expectation.


Road Rash Mirror Burn


Creepy Fail

This one is a less funny fail, but kind of more terrifying. Maybe it’s a prank? Maybe that’s just her brother back there? Just taking a shower when she came in to get another bathroom mirror selfie? We can only hope. For once maybe she should’ve checked the background for her real physical safety before being embarrassed on social media.

Changing Table Fail

We’ve already said it once, just like pets, babies don’t give a poop about your selfie. In fact, they may just poop in your selfie just like this kid. Kid’s ain’t gonna hold nothing back just so you can get that bathroom mirror pic of you and your posse. When the baby needs changing, the baby gets changed. Insta that!

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

That unique centerpiece pops up yet again on a… shower wall? I’m beginning to suspect that isn’t a centerpiece at all. Or, maybe she just likes decorating her shower? I’m sure those candles by the tub add a nice vibe to the uh, decoration, and that big mirror would definitely help you watch your self while you’re… decorating.

Even Celebrities Aren’t Immune To The Selfie Fail

Robin Thicke is notorious for his love of women, and he definitely proved it with his song “Blurred Lines”. His superstar status doesn’t guarantee that he won’t commit the high sin of not checking the background before selfieing, however. This one is a major fail for Thicke considering it was one of many mounting reasons he and his wife of nine years filed for divorce in 2014. See, not all of these fails are funny!

A Period Piece

When are these people gonna learn not to selfie in the bathroom? Especially around other people! It always ends badly! At least she’s helping a girl out, right? Chilling with her to help her through the process. I would think her friend is gonna be more than a little upset when she scrolls past this one on her timeline though.

Grandpa, Can I Just?

Among the other anti-selfie squad, in league with pets and babies, are the elderly. They are too old for your stupidity! You tryna’ look sexy for your mans? Too bad Grandpa’s napping. In the very least, she’s visiting her grandparents, right? It’s nice to see the youth spending time with their elders. Forgive me for trying to be witty.

Baby Selfie Suprise!

Weddings are a time for celebrating your relationship, while the announcement of pregnancy is a celebration of a new addition to your family. Hopefully you don’t have to hold these celebrations simultaneously. Or, if you do, you don’t have to let you’re families know the way these two did. She better get to calling her parents. Her mother is confused.


Which One You Think it Belongs To?

I think the centerpiece analogy is out the window on this one. I mean, cheese and crackers, there is no denying what that thing is used for, especially when it’s so big it has to be strapped to the side of the wall to store it. Which one of them does it belong to though? Our money is on half eye closed girl.


Tables Set And Grandpa’s Dressed

Grandma set the table, Grandpa got his best whitie tighties on, and you get this in your inbox telling you to stop by for dinner. Think grandpa will have pants on for it? Old folks just out here wildin’ with their selfie game. Let’s hope they are always around to read newspapers and take naps while we snap sexy selfies and return the favor by sending underwear clad dinner invites.

Got This Muscle Through Push ups!

Look, if you’re gonna get that quality post work out selfie, you gotta do some pushups and get those guns looking good. Or, ya’ know just push them up. This guy may have the right idea. Work smarter, not harder. Though, he could’ve been a little smarter about this one and by simply checking the mirror right behind him before selfieing!

Always Trying To Sneak Photos Of Me!

This man does not want to admit that he’s taking a selfie. Nowadays, attention seekers will go to any length and they’ll often fill your timeline with selfies like this one. He would have almost gotten away with this one had he just checked his car reflection. Mirrored surfaces and backgrounds, kids! Be sure to check them before taking selfies!


Once more, and for the final time, the elderly do not care about your selfies! Look at this poor old dude’s face. Grandpa is probably thinking to himself: “What kind of generation is this?” as this kid snaps selfie after selfie of himself. Poor grandpa is just trying to wash his hands so he can get back to his dinner. “Kids these days,” Grandpa whispers to himself as he hurries out of the bathroom.


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