Husse is locked in a fire-ravaged house – then the cat sacrifices his life to save him

Matthew Slater, 49, was asleep when the smoke billowed into his bedroom. Then the cat makes a decision that saves lives.

It was on October 29 this year that a property in York started burning. Matthew Slater, 49, was asleep when the smoke billowed in through the bedroom window. Suddenly he wakes up when the cat Weller jumps up on the bed and starts scratching his face.

But Matthew tried to push her away. – I remember trying to push her away, and thinking “why is she doing this”, says Matthew to British Metro. But the cat did not stop and when he regained consciousness he saw all the smoke.

– I opened my eyes and saw all the smoke and thought “she’s obviously trying to wake me up”, he says and adds. – I think she 100 percent saved my life. I would never have woken up without her. “Barely conscious” Matthew had inhaled smoke for far too long and lost consciousness several times. But in the end he managed to alert the rescue service.

He leaned out the window. – I was barely conscious at the time. I told the woman on the phone that if she’s not here in a few minutes, I’m gone. I felt so bad, he says to Metro.

Luckily, the rescue service arrived at the right time and managed to get Matthew out of the apartment and he got help with breathing.

Sacrificed his life for master. But when he came out, he realized that the cat Weller had disappeared. – I told the police and the fire brigade that my cat is still in there. Get my cat. Matthew has no memories of the time but has been told how he tried to get into the burning building again.

Mr Slater spent five hours in hospital being treated for smoke inhalation, and it was there that police announced the sad news that Weller had never survived.

– The police called me and said, “Look, we found her. She’s dead, unfortunately. ” She was found downstairs, so she must have found it sometime. The smoke had obviously come to her then. They actually wrapped her up and put her in a box so I would not have to see her when I got home.

The cat saved his life. When he was allowed to return home, he was devastated. His whole life had burned down and the home insurance ran out, just two weeks earlier. – My home insurance literally ended two weeks ago. The odds of that are just insane. I was going to renew it but it fell into oblivion.

But if you put the material and financial loss aside, Mathew is extremely happy to be alive. And it is thanks to the intervention of the cat Weller who sacrificed his life.

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